By Elen

One thing I have always admired about Ju is her willingness to venture into the unknown, to confront that which is unfamiliar to her.

I see it in both her life and her art: it is precisely in the images she fears that she needs to delve into; to delineate them, to draw the edges of undefined shadows, to give them meaning, and thereby dissolve their terror. She demonstrates the same dedication with the materials themselves, as what interests her is understanding the possibilities of the medium through direct, embodied confrontation.

It is through this approach to artistic creation that she deliberately distances herself from academic circuits. For her, art is not a path of instruction, but of discovery, a tangible understanding through contact with the enigma itself. In this, she demonstrates the courage of vulnerability.


I am a Granadian artist who shares his work under the pseudonym “Amalgama.”

I have always had a need to create.

I am told that during my first encounter with the Three Kings, when I was already able to speak, I asked for brushes and an easel. When they finally arrived, I set out to move the equipment, which was larger than me, through the streets of Granada, capturing images between the Christian Cathedral and the Andalusian Madrasa.

From this lively first encounter with painting to the refuge it provided me in the years that followed, there were many changes, travels, and multiple homes. I exchanged the easel for a journal, and within it, images of places filled with light and shadow, the pain of a world that I futilely tried to sustain and that pierced through me, my own confusion, and the beauty that exists even in the most terrible realities found their way in.

Art is, for me, an intimate act. It is about introspection, exploration, and struggle.

Now, I am embarking on a new stage where I venture to share this intimacy, to showcase what I have lived. Perhaps with the hope of generating something within the people who observe these images, allowing them to acquire new meanings.

To move forward, one must let go.

Thank you for reading.